what to consider when looking at apprenticeships birmingham

Apprenticeships provide individuals with the opportunity to work and earn a wage while still learning new skills and getting new experiences on the job as well as attending college for the purpose of attaining amendable and recognizable qualifications.

When looking at apprenticeships birmingham, we should consider the age requirement since anyone over the age of sixteen and not in full time education can apply. A person should also consider the duration for any apprenticeships as most can take between one and four years to complete where the average wage is £ 170 / £ 180 per week.

Also, the three levels of apprenticeships should be considered which include intermediate apprenticeship, advanced apprenticeship and higher apprenticeship. While examining the different levels of apprenticeships, a person should assess their current skills and experience.

When looking at apprenticeships a person should also find out whether there are any additional options relative to the apprenticeship such as whether they can continue working which may eventually lead to a promotion or whether serving terms are not recurrent.

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